Our band Orphée brings an elegant and festive musical presence to each wedding, whether it is for the ceremony, the cocktail hour or the dinner party. For every moment of the wedding, we create an appropriate musical atmosphere thanks to our different repertoires.

Let's make this day unforgettable!


Our piano-vocals duo offers a large repertoire which is made of non-religious and religious songs, along with gospel and lyrical music. Therefore, the bride & groom can compose their own ceremony programme: they can mix the different musical styles in order to intensify the different times of the ceremony.


We are at our clients' service throughout the whole planning of the ceremony and offer them our experience, in order to find the perfect balance between emotion and conviviality while respecting the celebrant- he/she is the master of the ceremony and we accompany him/her.

Our musical entertainment makes each wedding ceremony unique.


Download our Ceremony Repertoire

Cocktail hour & dinner party

A musical background is always recommended during cocktail hour and then dinner, in order to bring an elegant and warm touch to a wedding. For these moments, we offer two options: our piano-vocals duo for a jazzy atmosphere, or a trio with our drummer, for a more pop and dynamic style. This option as a trio can also be perfect for the beginning of the dance party, before a DJ takes over.

Our band Orphée revisit famous English and French songs, from 1960s jazz standards to more recent pop music, in a sophisticated style which is suited to all audiences. We can also perform our special French repertoire, if you would prefer a more 'French' atmosphere (see our French classics repertoire here).


We are able to perform both outdoors and indoors.


Download our Cocktail party & dinner repertoire DUO 

Download our Cocktail party & dinner repertoire TRIO